Two engine reverse thrust

I think you have seen an A380 landing in an airport. Or in Infinite Flight. But what I noticed is the A380 is only using his engine 2 and 3 for reverse thrust.
If you look in the cockpit to the thrust lever, you can only see twe reverse thrust levers. Does somebody know why?


I dont know but i guess it doesn’t need all 4 to slow down in time


I think it’s something about objects going inside of the engine of the outer two.


This is helpful


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Wikipedia sais:
e A380 was initially planned without thrust reversers, incorporating sufficient braking capacity to do without them.[133] However Airbus elected to equip the two inboard engines with thrust reversers in a late stage of development,[134][135] helping the brakes when the runway is slippery. The two outboard engines do not have reversers, reducing the amount of debris stirred up during landing.[136] The A380 has electrically actuated thrust reversers, giving them better reliability than their pneumatic or hydraulic equivalents, in addition to saving weight.[137]


I heard something about this being due to the wingspan and therefore the positioning of the outboard engines as this makes them more prone to foreign objects being taken into the engine. Besides, it only needs two.

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What about the 747, A340 etc … ?

I was specifying the A380 for my comment

Ask @Aernout he’s a an a380 first officer :)

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