Two engine displays on the B787

In IF, the B787 has two engine displays, which in real life it only has one, because it’s only one page image


Great Find, But like I stated in other topic. This wont be fixed in near future as it’s really minor and developers has many other priorities to do. And like Damian said,


I think it’s more of a #features than #support request

Main priority is Global at the moment. But this is an easy fix, at least that’s what I think.

I’m pretty sure the pilot can cycle through and choose what you want on the screen.


Yes, you can but for the engine display, there’s one page for it.

I know it’s really easy, But it would be pointless to add that as it can’t be used for anything. It would waste the developers time which can be used to develop other features. Except if they would add an animated cockpit feature.

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Well, it makes it unreleastic. It’s like saying putting an extra gear bogie on an A330.


Start at 1:27. Instrument locations are up to the pilot’s discretion.


Did I say something regarding the location? Or did I state you can’t have two engine displays at the same time? ;).

Ah true, I was under the assumption both pilots can pull up engine info at the same time


It’s not.

It shows a minor error in the sim, which should be fixed in the future


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Why am I tagged @mbmhwue148?

The reply is meant for your comment saying this topic’s actually a feature request which it is not.