two Emirates A380s diverted to MCT Airport

flight EK367 Taipei to Dubai. and flight EK764 Johannesburg to Dubai. both diverted to MCT Muscat International Airport!

i heard loud engine noises from a departing aircraft and i was like hmmm that doesn’t sound familiar to my ears so i checked flightrader24 and an emirate a380 departed from my home town international airport and i was like what the hell did i just missed?!! knowing the fact that emirates a380s don’t fly to Oman other than a “one-off” flight that happened last year which i also missed.

but i caught the other flight EK764 however i didn’t film it cause i wanted to have a look at the aircraft with my own very eyes “live the moment”

but i had no idea they diverted to MCT since i always check the arrivals list on flightradar24 for MCT and it doesn’t show the diverted flights, and yeah i have no idea why two emirates a380 flights diverted to MCT on the same day!.but anyway for me personally it was the first time ever for me to see an emirate a380 in my hometown ^_^

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Hi! Thanks for the post, and it’s always interesting to read about one’s personal experiences, but unfortunately this event isn’t really significant enough to provoke discussion on this forum. Here’s a little extract from this category’s information topic:

I appreciate the understanding, and, as always, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message for further clarification. Thanks!

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