Two different sets of wings?

Does anyone know why this 737 has one winglet with spilt scimitar and the other one doesn’t?

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Trust me, it’s there. You just cant see it easily.


I think it’s photoshopped😹

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It’s angled towards the back so it could just be hidden in the shadows of the upper portion of the winglet. Or it’s been edited.

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I agree with, @Dylan_M. I think it is just the angle he got where you cannot see it.

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Yeah, that would never happen. If 1 has to come off for some reason, the second would come off. Otherwise the plane would have less drag on one side than the other. That would be bad for what seems like obvious reasons.


Probably fell off…or as said bad angle.

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No, those don’t fall off lmao. It’s just a bad angle.


it’s the angle of the camera

Like others have said, I believe it’s just the angle of the photo preventing you from seeing the right split scimitar. However, I do believe they can be taken off for maintenance/if there is damage (I think). I saw a Southwest plane like that at TPA recently.

Here’s an example…


Hahahahaha😂 I know. Just joking around.

Probably just the angle. Could also be an edit, but I think it’s the angle

Yes photoshopped 😂😂

Y’all may be right but you can see the Navigation light and that is in the front right? The wingtip should hide it?

That’s not the navigation light, they’re is a second light back there just so it can be seen from all angles…

Where’s the source of the image? Perhaps there’s some info on the pic there.

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no, it was just a plane spotting video

That is a nav light…

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Simple, which video from their channel was this image from?

I think it’s this one.