Two different apple IDs are bound to the same account

My friend once downloaded games on my iPad. Today, I re downloaded and purchased the pro version with my own Apple ID. my friend also purchased the pro version through his own Apple ID. When we entered online mode, we found that we were using the same account. Now I want to unbind my Apple ID from him

Hello @Wuyz0603!

It seems like you have to create a new Apple ID as this is the only solution in my opinion. To be sure just click on Settings and click on your name. Below you will see the email you are currently using which is connected with your Apple ID account.

My friend and I both paid the money, but it was only one month. Where did the extra money go?


Try the following:

Go to Settings → Account

  • Tap “Switch account”
  • Tap “Revert to default account”

This should bring up the account which holds the subscription recorded on your Apple-ID.
None of the things you’ve made, should cause this… so there’s probably more to the story somehow? :)

Yes, we tried. It’s my friend’s account

Have you been using his Apple-ID on your device at any point? If yes;
Please make sure that you’re on the correct Apple-ID, then do the following:

  • Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  • Restart your device
  • Reinstall Infinite Flight from App Store.

Yes, I downloaded it again many times, even changed different devices, and the result is still his account. I even quit Apple ID and log in again

Then your friend has most likely bought something on your Apple-ID then.
A subscription can’t appear on someone else’s device, without there being a connection to the Apple-ID it was purchased on.

Can you share the callsign of the account in question?

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No, my friend only logged in his Apple ID once on my iPad, and after I downloaded the app, I logged in to my own id. My Apple ID has never logged in on someone else’s device. To be exact, today is my first consumption of this account. Of course, his callsign is: Air China 1330 heavy

Restart the app now and try signing using your Community account. The sub should be there.

Yes, thank you for helping me solve the problem

No worries, but i feel the need to point out one thing:

When looking closer at this, it’s very clear that you have been messing around & changing Apple-ID’s, connecting and disconnecting app accounts to Community profiles etc etc.

The part about changing Apple-ID’s is what caused most of this mess. Use your own Apple-ID on your own device. Don’t use it on other peoples devices, and don’t allow other to use theirs on your device. Your friends account had purchases it on it from two different Apple-ID’s, which made this very clear.

Neither ours or Apples system are built for switching back & forth between Apple-ID’s. Doing so can lead to a whole lot of messy situations, like this one.