Two devices

Are you able for example to have 2 devices on the Same account at the same time doing different things in live like one device does atc and one is coming in with a plane on the same account. Please tell me if this can happen. And if its a good idea to do it. I will not do it if it will bring severe faults. As in one’s that keep going when out of the game.

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No. Simple answer. You will get an error message when trying to use a different device on the same account.

To my knowledge, the device will get disconnected.
#support category is only for issues within the Infinite Flight app, this topic may be better suited in #general category :)


OK thanks for the help

OK thanks for the help. Very much appreciated

Yeah so you can’t use the same account on more than one device simultaneously, even if you wanted to use one device for atc and one for flying, it just won’t allow you. If you have two subscriptions though ie two accounts then it will work.


OK thanks also is everyone allowed to close there own topic and how