Two Days of Lufty A340s @ KDFW - 03/05 January 2020

Hey, guys! Welcome to my first spotting thread of 2020! Last week, we had a very nice equipment swap from Lufthansa. Rather than the usual A333, they sent a Star Alliance A343, new livery A343, and old livery A346 three days in a row! Unfortunately, I did not catch the new livery A343.

January 3rd

I decided to head out to a gravel parking lot on the south side of the airport to spot. The day was beautiful, but unfortunately, a cloud layer rolled in once I got there (and it left when I got home). Normally, this spot is backlit in the afternoon, but with the cloud cover, it was just fine!

Here we have N121DU, a 6 month old Delta A220-100 arriving from Salt Lake City as DL2236.

Next up, we have N809SY, a 14 year old Sun Country 737-800 arriving from Las Vegas as SY121.

Now, we have B-18715, a 16 year old China Airlines Cargo 747-400F coming from Atlanta as CI5254.

Finally, after about an hour of waiting in the kind of cold but very windy weather, we have D-AIGV, a Lufthansa A340-300 arriving from Frankfurt as LH438.

January 5th

So, I’m out of the house, eating a good lunch out in Addison, I’m looking at the flight radar and I see an LH A340 an hour away. I try to finish my food up and get out of there, but unfortunately, I left a little bit too late to be able to catch the landing. Naturally, as it’s a widebody, I’m upset that I didn’t get it and I missed my chance, since heavies take a while to deplane and get cleaned, as it’s an international flight. But I see that instead of the usual time it takes heavies to turn, it arrived at 2:30 and is scheduled to leave at 4:00! So I decided to stick around, and I jumped around spots until it left.

Here we have a not-so-perfect shot, but I tried. This is N854AE, a 16 year old American Eagle E140 operated by Envoy Air departing past the Moon (age and registration unknown).

Next up is N609NK, an 8 year old Spirit A320 departing to Fort Lauderdale as NK15.

Here we’ve got N691AA, a 26 year old 757-200 departing to JFK as AA2841.

Here we have another equipment change: N825AA, a 3 year old 787-9 replacing the usual 777-200ER to Honolulu as AA115.

And finally, the plane of the hour - D-AIHC, a 16 year old Lufthansa A340-600 departing to Frankfurt as LH439 in the beginning of golden hour.

Bye bye, Lufty! See you next year!

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I am actually bad please stand by for me to finish this sigh


Alright, it’s done - check them out!

Awesome shots.

I flew N825AA from SYD-LAX last Monday.

Thanks! I heard it sucked lol

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I believe the registration of the E140 is N854AE - which is currently 16 years old

You are correct, thanks!

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Photos are 😍😍

Thank you!

You know what I want to see ;) An A220 followed by two LH A340s. Really great topic with some really nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Great pics, A55. Can’t wait for more! The China Airlines Cargo 747 looks really nice. :)

That American eagle shot looks very similar to one of my moon shots i from DEN on Jan 5th except I got a bigger American plane

Great shots as always 🥢

Cold? In Dallas? You lost me at that part. The pictures are cool though.

Oh, yes. Sometimes it gets below freezing. It hasn’t been that way very much this winter, though.

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@MrMrMan Thanks!

@den.aviation 🥢


Beautiful shots! Love seeing spotting pics from my home airport.

These pictures are BOSS!

Same here in Denver. This winter it’s been mostly upper 40’s mid 50’s. One day it was almost 70 degrees right after Christmas.

Thank you!


It’s supposed to be 70 here today.

That’s Colorado for you. Colder than crap one day then its 75 and sunny the next.

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