Two Days At Lossiemouth

Back in October, when most people were getting their hands on the Global update for the first time, I was away at RAF Lossiemouth (A fast jet base in Scotland). I stayed there for two days, spending the night at Silver Sands Holiday Park, which is located only half a mile or so from the runway threshold. Camera used was a Canon EOS 100D coupled with a Tamron 150-600 lens.
These shots have been edited:

These are all unedited:
Typhoon go around:

The view from outside my tent:

I have even more photos on another SD card, but my phone can’t access them for some reason.


This belongs under #real-world-aviation:spotting

Whoops, sorry! I was so focused on adding photos I forgot to change the category! Hold on a sec…

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Well kiss my grits those pics are so good!


I think I’ll work on adding the other photos. Shouldn’t be too long.

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Oh boy oh boy. Your photos are absolutely out of the roof! You deserve to be in some crazy photo business!!!

Those first photos for me are a little too over edited, but they’re reallllllllly nice, love the Eurofighters 😍

These are some fantastic shots! Well done.

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I think they could have been edited better if I had better software and a larger screen to view them on, currently I only have my phone for photo editing, complete with 4.7" 720x1280 screen. It’s hard to judge the correct amount of “effect” when using such a small display. When done properly it does give the photo some drama.

What a great week you had.

2 Days of spotting followed up by coming back home to Global !

Well, not quite… I left home on the 11th, a few minutes after the update was released. Annoyingly, those minutes were plenty enough time for me to discover that my device (an iPad 4) was not compatible, so no global for me! I am looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 towards the end of this month, which will allow me to access global and should be better for photo editing, since it has an MicroSD slot.

Woah man, these are excellent pictures. Lossiemouth is about 3 hours away from me. Always wanted to visit sometime.


Love those photos! Your work is very well done.

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It’s absolutely great for spotting, since there’s no high fence, at least not where I was. Only a low wooden fence. You can stand right under the Jets as they land, or in my case, go around. The sound of a Typhoon at full power is deafening!

Yeah I’ve seen many video on YouTube of it.


These are great! Absolutely Fantastic!

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I love the detail in these shots! Amazing.

Oh my, these are amazing photos!!

Those are awesome pictures 😍

Amazing pictures. From my opinion some pictures are just over edited. But great work man!


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