Two controllers one frequency

I know there is another topic but mine is slightly different…
If you have situations like this:

I think I would be nice to have more than one controllers. On the other topic people said that it existed but it was removed due to lack of communication and abuse on ts1. My idea is that instead of having two controllers that both have access to communicate with everyone, it would be like in some airports where you control only the north, east… part of the airport. It would also be handy for tower because they could control only one runway instead of two. ( I think it would mainly be useful during events) also would work for aproach dealing only planes north,east… bound

I don’t think it’s really needed because there isn’t that much rush ATC Controllers have to deal with now post global. Whats more needed imo is the ability for the ATC Controllers to communicate with each other from different frequencies like Approach can send messages to Tower and inform what runways he is using etc.


The main use is for events. I agree that if there aren’t any there is no need. I think they already can communicate together.


Different ATC frequencies don’t have the ability to communicate yet, at least on TS1. Some events can get a bit crowded and hard for 1 controller to handle alone, but it might cause chaos if they 2 controllers on 1 frequency are not in sync with each it other.

Totally agree that on ts1 it would be chaos. It would only be for expert just like the communication like I said I think that on expert they can communicate

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That’s why I said about separating north south… it would be like having different airports.
In Charles de Gaulle there are two separate towers and I don’t think they need to communicate that much together

I think that communication between controllers would help a lot. Especially so the ground controller sends the traffic to the right runway, same goes for approach controllers. And two tower or ground controllers on airports like EGLL would be extremely helpful. It get really hectic when 20 aircrafts all want to depart and land on two runways and repeating their message several times even though traffic is packed. Communication between the would however be critical. Either voice or a chat.

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They absolutely need to communicate with each other to maintain safe air travel for all the planes. It would be unfortunate having traffic depart simultaneously and then crossing their patterns (etc.)

Love the idea! But To be honest… I was one of the Controllers during the IFVARB Summitt at JFK. It wasn’t that bad…

I was able to handle both runways at one time

That’s why you have Approach and a Ground

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You’re a very very good atc then

Approach can get really hard too

All of IFATC is… TS1 probably won’t ever get that busy at one airport

But wouldn’t it be like having two separate airports just very close to each other?

Not really because the runways are connected and airspace is extremely close. It could cause a collision if they don’t properly communicate with each other.

Well first airports aren’t that close and if they are they have the same departure/approach controller.

“Cette tour est une des quatre tours de contrôle de l’aéroport.
Elle contrôle le doublet de piste Sud.

Les autres tours :

And you did a great job at JFK. The service was excellent!

Not needed. It’s never this busy post global.

This could fall in this topic.