Two Check Runway buttons

So I was controlling and am I the only one that has noticed this or is it just me, there’s 2 CHECK RUNWAY buttons.

What do you mean section #20?

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The first one is for “please check assigned runway,” the second is for “please double-check assign runway” — for the second instance. I usually only use one when controlling.

Both are used to inform a pilot that they may be about to use the wrong runway eg. wrong alignment, wrong line-up etcetera.


Oh right thank you they should word one differently so you know.

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As long as there’s one, I can live with two.


Is there a specific case in which either button should be used, or can you choose which one to use when the situation calls for it?

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Personally, I use them interchangeably. When I’m under pressure at KLAX at peak times, for example, I just use the last one as it is the final button and I can easily scroll to the bottom and click it without thinking. When I do have time to think, however, I use the top ‘Check Runway’ in the first instance of a runway assignment issue and the second one from then on.


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