Two birds over the mountains

Howdy 🤠

A couple weeks ago @Aviation108 and I took these birds over the Rocky Mountains around Vancouver. The flight honestly had some of the most amazing scenery, I highly recommend exploring these beautiful mountains!

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Meanie ;(

Route: VFR
Aircraft: C-130-J
Airport: CYQQ
Flight time: 1:00

  1. @aviation108 stalking me… >:(

  1. Love that sound of the low rumble this beast makes when it’s powering up.

  1. near vertical takeoff

  1. Emirates 77W at a military base?

  1. Cruising near Vancouver

  1. Hard bank over the mountains

  1. Mooooooooooooooooon

  1. Dive, Dive, DIVE!

  1. Assault landing

  1. Taxiing to parking

Hope you enjoyed these shots, it was definitely a fun route to fly,

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It’s a wonderful shot!

Great photos goose man!

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Military charter

Impressive photos!

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Yessir, haha!

DiD I wAs SuMmOnDeD?

Great photos!

Yes, of course
By the way, do you think, if I had submitted last week’s photos
Could I have made it into the next round

Yes I like goose

Is that a duck though

Thank you! Also, yes, he said it not me. ^^^^^^

Yes, I gave him a free cookie, I keep to my word. Thanks for viewing and your appreciation!

Yes, mirror mirror on the wall, who thoust the fairest of all?




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Let’s play Duck Duck Goose
With planes

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breakfast geese

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People are not allowed to eat geese where I live

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Nice photos

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Thanks! Glad you like them.

That moon shot is definitely a masterpiece. The Hercs looking strong

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Thanks, the Hercules is definitely a beast!

I couldn’t agree more

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