Two Beautiful A330s In One Beautiful Land


it’s been a while, I forget how to do this… I guess I’ll just have to wing it.

Badum Tss 🥁... I’m sorry… that was awful.

Bippity boppity boo ✨

Aircraft: A330-300
Route: CYUL - CYVR
Time: 6:00 hours

  1. @ItsBlitz Bored out of his mind in Montreal waiting for me while I start up.

  1. After some flying time we formed into a formation

  1. ⚠️⚠️ Cool formation shots ahead, cool sunglasses may be required ⚠️⚠️

  1. 🔥🔥🌕

  1. What an amazing combo, new A330, clouds and the unbeatable Canadian Rockies 🏔 😍

  1. This thing is a dream to land, it handles amazingly! 🤩

180 ft/m for me & -57 ft/m for Kamryn

Thanks for viewing! Feedback is accepted, and let me know what your favourite shot was! While you’re here, also check out my Instagram which will be linked below. Again, thanks for viewing, and have a great day/night!


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Awesome photos man! It’s been a while.



oh this is gold!



Thanks! And I’ll show myself out 🥲



It definitely has been! I forgot how to do all the post formatting, had to review a few tutorials…😂

Thanks for viewing!

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I really like the photo when you land

Thanks, I appreciate that! I like the mountain in the background of the one.

Cool shots confirmed! Wowww those photos look fantastic! And the moonshot!? I’m amazed. Great job!🔥

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Nice photos. You did very well with the moon!
Work on the puns though…

Rank… Superb!

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Good to know, I’ll keep it in mind, thanks for viewing and your kind words! 😂

Thanks @MADCAT for viewing, and thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them!

Holy! That’s some fire!🔥 Awesome photos!

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Thank you, Definitely one of my favourite shots as well!