Two ATRs Roll off Runway in One Day

Disclaimer: These were two separate incidents.

Incident One: Sky Express ATR 42-500

A Sky Express ATR 42-500 rolled off the runway at Naxos Airport in Greece. Planes flying in Naxos usually have to backtrack on the runway due to the lack of taxiways at the airport. When this plane was backtracking, however, the main landing gear slipped off the runway and the plane fell into a ditch. No injuries were reported.

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Incident Two: Yeti Air ATR 72-500

Nepal’s only international airport, Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport, was shut down after a Yeti Air ATR 72-500 skidded off the runway 20 meters into the grassland on landing. Out of the reported 66 passengers aboard, three passengers were injured. The believed cause for the incident was heavy rain in Kathmandu before the landing.

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Wow, in the same day too! Unbelievable.


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