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Hey everyone when I was flying for an flight a few weeks ago, I fly Baku to Ashgabat on Friday Night Flight, then it was two Approach Frequency’s so I contacted the upper one and got the message: “Nor shuttle 1 Contact Ashgabat Approach on 123.50” how to know which Frequency I shall contact?

Picture down below:

It will tell you in ATIS to contact a specific approach frequency when approaching from a specific cardinal direction


Before you can see the ATIS it is (at leat as far as I am aware) not possible to know. Simple switch over to the second one when asked to by the one you contacted.

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To deal with heavy amounts of traffic the airspace is divided into two parts to ensure there are not two many aircrafts a controller has to deal with and is responsible for.

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well. if you look at the ATC chat. It shows which frequency you joined. So make sure to join the other frequency and that’s how I do it !

there are multiple frequencies in expert

When inbound, it’s very important you first check the ATIS for the airport, to get all the info. You do this before you contact any ATC for that airport.
ATIS can be reached from approx 80 NM out. Best way is to click on the airport and click TUNE on the ATIS. There you’ll hear all you need to know and which frequencies are in use.


Ok thank you very much.

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