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Hi! I have been obsessed with the A330-900NEO’s Wing-Tips That I Have Around 20 Shots Of Them In My Phone. I am going to share just two of my favorites, both of these shots are posted on my Instagram. This is my first ever topic in this forum, hope you enjoy!!!

Pic #1:
Route: EBBR - FIMP
Aircraft: A330-900NEO
Flight Time: 11 Hours 13 Minutes
Server: Expert Server

Pic #2:
Route: LSZH -LSZH (Sightseeing Flight)
Aircraft: A330-900NEO
Flight Time: 43 Minutes
Server: Expert Server

Which One Do You Think Is Best?

  • Pic #1
  • Pic #2

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oh Thats a beautiful shot!


I love the first one since is my favorite airline & aircraft but also since I’m the Air Belgium Virtual President & Founder.

Wonderful work on the both pics but prefer the first one!


Those phots are spot on! 👍

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