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who just saw if tweet?

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Many people


do you think it means it’s coming soon?

i dont have twitter…what was the tweet about?

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It looks so good (chefs kiss)

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you think it’s coming soon

Awesome right?


This is the tweet

“Alongside clouds, 3D airports, and the new A333 rework, our team have been working on a few of the most requested liveries. Here is one of our favorites!“


it coming soon you think

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@Ecoops123 @Ecoops123 @Ecoops123


Probably around late summer of this year, but that’s just my guess

Yep probably V21.1

Looks like they are adding new liveries to the 787! And by the way they worded that tweet, it seems like we will be getting others liveries on other aircraft as well!

i was thinking this month 😂

Wow, @Ecoops123 our boy is here!

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YEA I CANT WAIT (betting for ANA,Hainan,China Southern, New AC Livery idk, Bamboo)

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I don’t think it will be that long because they don’t need to update the game to add livery’s l. You would just have to restart the app

Ughhh. Maybe a rework PLZZZZ

It’s coming… soon™️

Does the airplane look more shiny to anyone than normal?