Twitch live stream TS1 ATC streams?

Wondering if this is allowed?

Can you explain it more?

A lot of games today want viewers to view them playing. I was wondering if streaming like on twitch controlling on the training server was ok?

He only wants to stream his atc session on TS. Definitely not advertising.

I’m not advertising.

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It’s 100% fine I’m pretty sure, I’ve posted videos on YouTube and they have been fine.

It’s very quiet at JFK for a change.

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It’s midnight at JFK, and most American IF pilots are asleep.


Sleep? What’s that?

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i can relate to that haha… i’ve spent many a night of sleep on Infinite Flight instead

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I think it would be quite interesting to see how an IFATC is working live (e.g. via Twitch)… even though it’s already nice to see that they also upload some YouTube clips.

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