Twin Otter Another INDONESIAN LOSS

Missing Indonesia plane:

: Aviastar airline loses contact with passenger flight on Sulawesi island
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The airline has lost contact with the plane
A plane carrying 10 passengers has gone missing over Indonesia.

Aviastar airline confirmed officials lost contact with a Twin Otter small passenger aircraft, a spokesman confirmed.

The Indonesian airline said the aircraft was travelling between Masamba and Makassar on the island of Sulawesi.

It is understood that contact was lost 30 minutes before the plane was due to land. Ten people were on board the aircraft, Wisnu Darjono, an official at Indonesia’s flight safety agency said. He confirmed authorities had lost contact with the aircraft. The plane went missing just several hundred miles north of the search area for MH370. In August an Indonesian flight went missing over Papua.
The Trigana Air Service jet was carrying more than 50 passengers – including five children – and five crew members.

(Extract Aviation Daily). Max Sends

Don’t be surprised to see our country’s safety (track) record Max ;)

My Prayers to all of the victims and condolences

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