Twilight Cruise Across the Southern Latitudes - YSSY-OMAA

After flying around Asia and Oceania for a couple of weeks, I decided it was time to head away and back North. The scenery over the Australian desert was quite beautiful and the twilight approach capped off a rather calm and event-free journey across three continents!

Etihad 451 Heavy / B77W / Flight Time 13:39 / Server: Expert

Flight Stats:
%MTOW: 94.85
Fuel Quantity: 116,927 kgs
Fuel Burn: 6,787 kg/hr
Cruise Profile: FL320/340/360/380 M.84

Prepping for a mid-afternoon departure with a Delta 77L bound for LAX.

Ready for taxi!

Easy departure off 34L heading north. (Takeoff N1: 95%, Climb N1: 87%)

Cruising over the Australian Outback at FL320.

Leaving Australia behind at Port Hedland, the Indian Ocean lies before us.

Two step climbs later, the sun waves farewell over the Arabian Sea.

At FL380 entering the Arabian Peninsula over Oman, strong headwinds (80-100 kn) slowed progress by about 15 minutes.

On final for runway 31L at OMAA.
Descent Profile: V/S = -2,500 fpm. Started descent 15 minutes out, engines idled from FL280 to final.

A dark touchdown in Abu Dhabi.

Resting the GE90s after another successful intercontinental run!

Fuel remaining: 24,291 kgs (3:26 flying time)


Very good pictures. but so dark

Cool! I actually did a similar flight a few weeks back with the 787-10 from Brisbane to Abu Dhabi. Bit dark but nice pics!