TWCS Throttle

Hi, I just bought the TWCS throttle and I already have the Logitech 3D pro, the joystick works fine but I cannot use the throttle. I have tried reinstalling live flight and I still had no luck.

Any suggestions. I am on the iPad Air 2. I am on ios 11.1

Just to be clear, you have been using live flight connect? Please give more info other then iPad air 2, the iOS version would be nice as well.

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But my suggestion is got to settings->controls tap on restore defaults, then re-configure your controls

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Make sure you are using the most updated version of Live Flight, and I would look to see If any drivers need to be installed on the laptop. The joysticks and such do not work when connected to the iPad itself with a “dongle”. I would probably bet it Is most likely the drivers. Also, I would re configure your controls, which the instructions are posted above by hi15td.


oh yeah, true, make sure you are using the latest version of live flight connect

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I am on iOS 11.1, would updating to 1.4 help?

Already tried that a few times.

Updating might help, but there are some people who know more then me that would probably like to know iOS version, etc.

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Updating now to iOS 1.4

Yes updating may help, but like I said before, it seems that it is mainly a driver problem most likely.

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I have checked the drivers as well

I also tried to connect my Pro Pedals and my Logitech 3D to live flight, but it failed.
Win10 and Android.
It seems that live flight only can handle one device.

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But I have seen other people that have had the same setup with multiple devices

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