TWA Boeing 767-300

Source - Wikipedia

This would be a cool addition, we lack a amount of older liveries. Also, with some upcoming VA’s this livery would be useful.

Hi. This is an amazing livery. However, something should tell about it and your opinion why this should be added.

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It is also the 767-200 and not the 767-300 :)

Thanks a lot

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They operate the 200 and the 300

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I know that, but then add the corresponding photo. The B767-300ER wants your request, but the one in the picture is a B767-231ER. Thanks


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Love TWA and the 767! Got my vote!

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Absolutely. Although I think I’d rather have this livery on it:

I don’t know. I just think this livery is sharper than that one.


Honestly, I love both! However, in my opinion, the first one reminds me of the good ol’ classic TWA


This deserves a BUMP!

Another bump! Hopefully when the 767 rework comes!