TWA Boeing 747-200

TWA are dead… But the fans of TWA are alive, more alive than ever! This would be a fantastic aircraft to fly!



This would be the same case as Swissair! I’d love to see TWA and Swissair liveries on the B747-200! The swissair even has the black around the windows, of which liveries are generally missing!


Definitely - I already love the 742 now because I can do some “historical” flights with airlines like Pan Am
TWA would be a great addition although you could also add the TWA livery on the B772


Bumping! This needs some more replies because it’s an awesome, cool looking a/c!

I think what it needs is more likes… Replies don’t really matter unless you really want this topic to be on the top of the list

Hope it would be this color scheme:

I would love if they had two, the one @PilotCF suggested and the original one (the livery on most TWA jets in the 80’s)

I would really like to fly a classic TWA 747

Topic could use more substance. If anyone wishes to recreate this feature with a picture and some detail, have at it.