Tutorials for the Airbus A321-200

Is there a tutorial on take off and landings for the A321-200?. I’am new to Infinite Flight and can not find one.

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If you’re new, definitely check out Infinite Flight on youtube. There you will find the glorious Mark Denton tutorial videos that will advance your knowledge sooo far it’s not even funny.


He’s asking because there are no tutorials for the A321 in that channel as it was one of the first aircraft (I believe) that came with IF. I think he was asking because he couldn’t find one in the channel. Correct me if I’m wrong, please.


Yeah but he said that he’s new to IF, and watching these tutorials will be extremely helpful if that’s the case.

You can look at tutorials on YouTube, but there are not tutorials in-game.

This is a terrible tutorial. I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing the same things described in the tutorial. You’d get a violation straight away, let alone the “realisticness” of his/her flight. I might be producing realistic tutorials in some time, I will make sure to share them on the forum.

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Haha, sorry. I didn’t event watch it, ut yes, I now know it’s very unprofessional. Unfortunately, it seems every A321 takeoff tutorial online is crappy. My bad 😬

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C’mon man we just had a topic about people being intolerant of others being wrong. Let’s stay respectful.

Great Thanks!

20-25% trim on takeoff and when reaching cruise adjust to 15% trim

Landing I’m not sure sorry bud

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I recommend using 10 % trim flaps 1 take off between 160-170 knots landing put spoilers on armed land at or around 140 knots and flaps on 3 that’s what works for me I get them butter every time

Hey thanks…also do you run iOS or Android?

I use iOS I used to have an Android but it broke lol

I will say this, landing is difficult in the a321 (at least for me) especially in a crosswind! I suggest you first watch a real video in cockpit if an a321 landing. I find it very helpful. From then on, it just take practice. Even if there was a tutorial, you would still have to practice to get better.

I use A319 and for land i use flaps full and spoilers armed and speed 140 kts IAS
For take off i use 150 kts IAS flaps 2

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Do you know what is IAS or no

IAS Indicated Air Speed

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