I wonder where i can find a tutorial for how to fly with ATC. Im close to get the xp to try it. I found in the tutorial section but the link was broken.
If u can send me a link or just tell me i would be grateful



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I think it got deleted. Search the community forum if you would like some assistance using ATC.

@gea… Max Sez… The " Help Pages" have been reconstituted as “Tutorials”.
Use the drop down menu.

Hello, GEA
Welcome to the community! If you search on the “Tutorial” category, like @Maxmustang and @emir_sergio have said, you will find some great tutorials and information. I linked a couple for you:)
Have fun!


Thanks all people


Thanks Max :)

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Thanks Sergio:)

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Hahaha. No problem. My real name is Emir. My friends call me Sergio. 😀