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Is there a tutorial video for how to land the 747-8


Not a video but this might help you take off and land better. This information comes from the topic on all aircraft profiles:

Load % Takeoff Power Setting Takeoff Flaps Trim Rotate
25% 70% = 88% N1 Flaps 10 10% 145kts
50% 75% = 93% N1 Flaps 10 10% 155kts
75% 77% = 95% N1 Flaps 20 10% 165kts
>75%*** 80% = 98% N1 Flaps 20 10% 175kts

If you are taking off with a weight above 75%, you will have to set the VS to +1,500 instead of the average VS +2,000VS to avoid stalling. You will be able to increase the VS later in higher altitudes. To successfully reach the cruising altitude, you must step climb .

Load % Landing Power Setting Final Approach Speed Landing Flaps Trim Flare
25% 31% = 50% N1 142kts Flaps 30 30% 140kts

I agree with Sooraj, the topic he linked is a great one if you prefer proven setups for takeoff and landing for all the aircraft Infinite Flight has to offer.

I’m sure there’s videos on the subject as well, you’d just need to hop on YouTube and look up aircraft Infinite Flight, it’s very likely that, maybe with a bit of scrolling, you’ll find what you’re looking for! Hope this helps!

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