Tutorial Video Before Going On Live

Alright, many people may not like this idea, but it’s almost necessary… My idea is to create a tutorial video of how to play on live and have questions after it (only for advanced/playground servers). If you do not pass the questions you would have to watch the video again… It will narrow out all the people who think it’s funny to park on the runway and ignore atc… Some (and I say some) will find out that they (The Dev’s and Mod’s) aren’t messing around. I don’t mean this to be a pain for players who listen and follow, but it should be a breeze for them to pass. It also gives everyone a reason to be able to report a user/ghost because they passed the test, they know the rules. People who don’t follow rules don’t come to the site, meaning if we take the site to them… They have to listen!

Feel free to leave a comment! I want to know how you guys feel about this!


Tutorials made by the community is a treasure in and of itself! I’ll for one participate, please sign me up!


Thank you for the support on this topic :)!

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I had been advocating in app tutorials for a while now:)


I’ve always supported the idea of a tutorial (I suggested a number of tutorial slides and pages that MUST be read prior to flying on a server, and even some XP given for completing the tutorials or answering questions correctly)… But, as always, the suggestion never got past the forums and instead we have everyone flying A320’s on autoland and a circus on every server


I’ll support you on this! Some pilots honestly suck…

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Hahaha true true

think this is a great idea…in fact was about to start a similar threads on exactly the same topic!

would suggest that if the Vids or ‘how to guides’ where included in the App that the answers would only need to be 100% correct for access to the Advanced Server, whilst either not required or set lower (or different questions!) for the Playground server !

Suggested Topics :-
How to make a Flight Plan
ATC for Pilots
ATC for Controllers (Playground)


How to make a flight plan should be put on the Advanced Server, because Playground controllers always ask me for intentions when I’m making my FPL, so I don’t make one anymore.

well exactly if the tutorial was also in the Playground one then hopefully you should not be asked for it (so often…agree it is an annoying thing when you have spent time making a realistic and interesting flight plan!)

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I would like to see this. Maybe we can get people to turn off those strobe lights too…

I’m working on a handbook which will detail realistic procedures from startup to shutdown. I can’t make any promises on when or even whether it will be released, though.


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You want to make a video? Like a practice one and put in here?

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Got it, thank you, when the iOS screen recorders come back on, I’ll let you know

I often forgot to turn the strobes ON if I leave them off until getting on to runway…then remember them when go to turn the landing lights off on passing 10k…