Tutorial studies

Does anyone have a summary to study all the tutorial topics?

Hello @Caio_Marcelo ,

I suggest that you take a look at #tutorials category for a bunch of great tutorials.

Another great tool is the user guide that can be found on the infinite flight website or if you click on the bottom left hand corner of the home screen in app. You can find it Here.

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If you go onto to the IF app, on the bottom left corner you’ll see a button that says ‘Tutorials’. That should help ;)

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Hi there! There are a plethora of Infinite Flight tutorials which can be found using the different resources I’ll link below:

The User Guide

The YouTube Tutorials

The Tutorials Category

If you’d like a summary of the most useful topic in #tutorials, I’d suggest taking a look through all tutorials with the #tutorial tag, designating them as official tutorials. They can be found here.


I thank the help of all you

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And that’s why @lucaviness is the best-est 😊. He’s always a great resource.

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