Tutorial: Play Infinite Flight with ANY Game Controller

** UPDATE **

Hey guys. In addition to the video I created teaching you how to connect and play Infinite Flight with a PS4 controller (- YouTube), I have also created a document for you guys detailing the steps on HOW TO CONNECT ANY GAME CONTROLLER OF YOUR CHOICE TO INFINITE FLIGHT. You heard right ANY CONTROLLER for Infinite Flight. After discovering another program designed for game controllers which can configure specific buttons on a controller to keyboard keys, I have found another method to how you guys can play Infinite Flight with your own controller. You can find a copy of that document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1n4hKX8dq1HMpzAdT4WDCm5Dp-pNtQPqvBjw3h4UlY8o/edit?usp=sharing
I hope you guys find it of any use and if you have any problems setting it up, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to assist you.

Happy Landings


I’m pretty sure this should be in #tutorials

Hey man, can’t post in there unfortunately. My last post about this didn’t even get contested when I put it in #general so…

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Hello Jake,

Currently, you are TL1, and to post in #tutorials you must be TL3. Keep posting and being active, and you’ll reach TL2 in no time! Awesome tutorials though!


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This topic should actually go in #thirdparty imo since it’s a third party resource.

Guys, I know we’re trying to find where this should go but, please try to take it down just a bit on the ‘this should go in this category and no it should go in this category.’ It’s hard for other people to comment on what @Jake_McCabe posted when there’s arguing about where this should go. Just the heads up. ;-)


That tutorial looked awesome, much more in depth than anything else I have seen on here.

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Hey guys, look I can understand about how there is certain rules on where people can post stuff. I get that. But what really bothers me is the fact that this is the first thing people point out and don’t give me some positive feedback or possibly a thumbs up whenever I post a new topic. It’s now come to a point where people are pointing it out so regularly but then miss the entire point of a topic post I make. I am trying to help the community yet all you guys care about is which category I post in. It’s an absolute joke…


It’s TL3. Not TL2. You might want to fix that up :)

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Thank you for the reminder. I’ll fix that now, probably a mistype

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