Tutorial On How To Record 1080P 60FPS And Voiceover With Imovie And Everycord

hi guys I thought id do a tutorial on how I record my videos and convert them to 1080p at 60fps with iMovie, ios screen recorder and everycord. this tutorial also shows a work around if you use iMovie for editing and you lose your voiceover from your flight. Ive included at the end and editing app that you can download to check the frame rate of your recording to see what your device is outputting when recording infinite flight. Enjoy and I hope this helps anyone that’s had problems in the past. Thanks :) I just discovered that iMovie actually has voiceover so no need for EVERYCORD but it’s there as a back up and works.


Nice video with good info.
I suggest to move this to the General category though. This thread is really for flight shots & videos.

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All sorted now pal.

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