Tutorial: How to NOT Ryanair

Welcome to the tutorial on how to NOT Ryanair. This tutorial will show you how to successfully NOT Ryanair.

Part 1: Takeoff

Your plane should actually be lined up on the runway along the center line. If it’s not you’re doing something wrong.

Takeoff is a nice rotation. Not a vertical takeoff like how it normally is.

Part 2: Cruising

If your plane is not inverted or stalling you are doing this part correctly.

Part 3: The Landing

You actually butter on the touchdown zone on the actual runway.

If your plane exited the runway and is on the taxiway, not the grass on the other side you have successfully done this part.

Part 4: Taxiing

If your plane is actually on the taxiway it should be going down the middle following the yellow line.

If the fire trucks are still parked at the station that’s a good thing.

If you actually park at the right gate and stop before hitting the terminal you have successfully parked your Ryanair plane.

If you follow all of these steps you will NOT Ryanair.

Thanks for viewing!


Fire trucks rushing to you? No
Police Cars rushing to you cause that is clearly not a Ryanair pilot flying? Yes!


Indeed lol.


This is very insightful! And entertaining 😆

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Thank you.

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😂 Very Funny!


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Very entertaining 😂

This was a very entertaining read!

Thank you!!

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Thanks for the tutorial! This will help my overnight landings! 🤪

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Very funny ! it helps a lot !

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I guess they should be hiring minions instead of pilots right now lol

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Is it me or is that right landing gear on the center line… 👀😫🤪😂

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That looks awesome

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It is just the angle. It was on the center line.


This is not realistic. There’s always fire trucks near the runway when Ryanair is landing

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It’s a great topic haha ​​Ryanair and its quirks.

Thank you.

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So humorous lol😂

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