Tutorial: How to NOT Fly the A320

Today I show you how to totally not fly the Airbus A320!
Thanks to @JetSuperior5192 for the idea and @InfiniteflightproYT for the formatting idea.

Route: KLGA to a plane swimming pool
Flight number: US Airways 1549
Cruising altitude: well… this is tough…

We start our departure at LaGuardia taking off runway 4.

We then climb to our initial altitude of 8,000 feet while looking at the beautiful river down below.

All of the sudden some aggressive Canada Geese who wanted to attack some Americans came flying at the plane head first into the engines.

You then realize you don’t have a choice but to turn back to LaGuardia. But wait- you can’t! You decide you want to go for a swim in the Hudson River with some fried geese for a snack.

Watch out for the bridge! Sure wouldn’t want to hit that…

Good job! You are almost there! Just lower the plane into the river nice and easy.

Congrats! You can now go for a nice morning swim with your passengers. Enjoy that fried chicken!
(Don’t worry, there will be some friendly boats to pick you up later.)


Oh the landing choices of back at LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy, Newark, Teterboro, or the Hudson river…of course the no.1 choice has to be Hudson river!


Of course! It’s a much more fun way land! You even have water slides!!


I rate this tutorial

if you get this you are a legend

In all seriousness, great tutorial! My fried chicken is soggy, unfortunately, but hey- I can get my exercise in for the day by swimming in the Hudson!


Great! I’m glad you enjoyed your wet chicken! Hope you had fun swimming :D


thanks! My passengers are having lots of fun; they say it’s like going to a water park but without having to wait for summer! (US Airways really should have invested further…)


I’m glad to hear they had a great time!! Hope the water wasn’t too cold for them 😉

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Wow, this humor series is growing up fast! Keep it up :)


Thanks!! :D

What about the one and only DC-10?


Got it. That will be my next one instead of the A380.

Wow! I see you followed my format for #landinggearisoverrated. I have taught you well young Jedi


always good to get a fresh tutorial that completely not inaccurate in any way

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Yeah!! It’s very accurate.


Try this on the expert server, you will have more fun!!

please don’t lol

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Landing gear is VERY overrated, plus it’s way more fun to land on the water without it. It will give you a more fun and exiting experience. (Don’t forget about the FREE waterslides!!)


I didn’t get this at first, now I get it lol.

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Haha good :)

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Well I guess you are a legend now
actually you always have been with these topics, so I suppose you’re EVEN MORE of a legend :D

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Thanks lol :D

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