Tutorial: how to NOT fly the 717

Hello guys and gals. Today you’re gonna learn how to not fly the 717
Lets get started :)

Pushback 3 feet and you’re fine.

For gosh sakes people. If the taxiway is as long as the runway, TAKEOFF ON THE RUNWAY!!

You’re just cruising at FL320 and then… oh no! Your window opens mid flight and you’re being sucked out! Hanging on to the edge for dear life, you grab the bottom of the windowsill.

Don’t worry, the flight attendant has your back! (Or your leg, hahaha) she pulls your legs back into the cockpit and you’re saved!
Exhausted, you pass out on the floor. Who’s going to land the plane now?

Don’t worry, invisible co-pilot Bob has your back! (Or the yoke) you can see him circled in red as he butters the bread.

You want to hit the bumps at the edge. Always. It’s your signature.

To lazy to go to the gate? Yeah, me to. Just park in the middle of the taxiway and no one would care.
Please let me know if this helped

Im still never gonna give you up


Nice MD-80

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British Airways 5390 reference

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Rickrolll hahahaha

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3U8633 also happen to get their window get blown out in the Himalayas.

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Yeah, that’s the point

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Good work, crash avoided ;)

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Don’t thank me, thank bob!

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