Tutorial: How to NOT CRJ-1000

Tell the best thing ever and he will come ;=)

Just majik

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worry not. all is well.

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All is ok. The pliots know what to do ;)

I can now become my dream of becoming a professional crj1000 pilot, does this also work on the -200?

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I suggest the 1000 since is a flying pencil and looks awesome ;)

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Ah so this also works with the A346


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Replied to the wrong person lol. But uhhh…Thank you for teaching how to fly. I am a noob and I learned so much from this.

Heartwarming 🤪

Most welcome! Glad I could help 😎


Had that problem once already, just give the passenger a chainsaw, some butter and a parachute. He’s gotta be very carefull with the parachute after his body and hands are all buttery, if he loses the chute he can only hope that you were flying over a trampoline…


This airport looks familiar to me.

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The CRJ’s have a lot of safety features which makes the emergency more pleasant ;)


Thanks man! :)

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I’ll let him know, thanks!

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