Tutorial: How to NOT 737-800 Part 2

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first ‘tutorial’ of how to not fly the 737-800. enjoy!! Credits to @JetSuperior5192 for the idea and @anon28705166.

Flight Details
Route: London to London
Flight time: whatever speed you input
Cruising altitude: 9000 ft
Server: why not casual


Spawn in a random livery and Get off the gate as soon possible and drift

Takeoff on Gatwicks closed runway

Cruise 419kts above south London

Push your plane down as you get to London and put down gear to slow

Fly over the hangars so you can land

Land on the grass so you don’t affect traffic

Thank you for viewing!


Thank u I know you recommended casual but I did it on expert. And to show off my skills I did it in front of atc. I got 23 violations 23 of anything is good.


Top Ace right here

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Lol, did you have fun😂

I need to make another one of these topics lol.

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How to NOT A350, 787, A330, etc

Bro, I know you would never ever do that on an Expert Server with ATC. You could risk violations and also could get kicked out of the Expert Server for a week which is a Level 3 Violation flying so erratically.

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