Tutorial: How to gain XP and Landings rapidly

Couldn’t post this in tutorials so thought I shall post this here.

After some experimenting with my mate, a good way to get some good landings and xp is spawning in at KORD. We used an A319.

Tip: Use this on casual please

  1. Keep the gear always down!
  2. When you aren’t landing always keep the throttle on full, helps stop you from stalling
  3. After touchdown go up to around 300AGL then head towards your next runway
  4. Repeat

Also handy tip: At the bottom menu change one of them to Landings, it’s the far right selection, this is helpful to know when you can pull up (almost as soon as your maingear touch)
This will show your current landings in the session

This got me from 65,000 xp to 78,000xp and 142 landings allll the way to 225 in an hour or so.

As @Hamza.N mentioned, make sure to do this often, otherwise after 90 days you loose all the landings during this day. This could possibly make you drop from grade 5 to 3, be careful!

Hope this helps!


This is a great tip however in 90 days you will lose all the landings you did that day. So its best to keep your landings consistent over the 90 days as you can easily go from grade 5 to 3 overnight.

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Yep! I personally started doing this once a weekend.


KNSE Whiting Field North
KNDZ Whiting Fld Nas South
KNRQ Spencer Nolf

All in the panhandle of Florida north of Elgin AFB I like to use to keep landings up… all close together and each have 4 runways to use…

Thank you! Will have a go at this.

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I personally found a good working method for myself:

  • Casual server!
  • LOWI Innsbruck
  • Cessna Caravan

-> fly extremely short patterns

Its not any sort of genius idea I got there, but its an idea that works amazingly well. If u do the patterns as seen in the pictures below u will get as many landings (and therefore XP) as possible.
There is no faster way, I did test doing patterns at airports with parallel runways such as Dubai but these do not count.

I did gain 500 landings over a weekend and massive amounts of XP through this (40k in only one of many sessions)


Cool, but this shows that the landing count for grades thing leads to unrealistic exercises to say the least… I would personnaly prefer a count based on controlled (ATC) take-off and landing without ghost (could even be a number of communication bits with ATC) to maintain a given grade. That would be more realistic and encourage serious flying rather than assiduous and creative methods to “farm” touchdowns…
Just my two cents.
Happy flights to all

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grades should never be a reference point to judge a pilot from. They say literally nothing about his knowledge, experience, abilities or anything close.
Each pilot individually has to be judged by his performance. Thefactor that describes someones „skills“ the closest is still the flight time to me. The more u fly the more u learn (usually).

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True, but flight time is often sleep flying time. This is why a kind of ATC exchange count would be in my view a better measurement of a pilot’s skill than xp alone.
This being said, it does not matter that much, as long as any serious pilot manages to access the expert server, which works well. But grades still measure something and in our case, I sometime wonder what it is.

Not to encourage this but adding a field with a good cross wind also boosts XP.
As above, grinding out landings like this is only a transient benefit and you are not actually getting any experience following instructions, etc. This is part of why we see awful behavior on expert server.


Indeed! Fully agree.

Going to try this tonight, never thought about how easy KORD would be for this because of the runways. I’ve had enough xp for grade 5 since 2016, but can’t get up to it because of landings. Gonna continue to maybe do 5 per day after this to keep it up for now.

Honestly the best way to gain the xp and landings is to participate in people’s tracking threads in #atc . They are training to be ATC and all they want you do is patterns.

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There is a problem with that - it will cause everyone to only ever fly to ATC airports so people are gonna be deined entry into airspace all the time. Also if this works on TS it’s very farmable

Pilots tend to only get denied when they do a local flight (departing a nearby airport less than 50nm miles away and immediately calling inbound) into a busy airport. Controllers will not generally deny entry, even when it is busy, for non-local flights.

Perhaps, yes. I probably just had a few bad days in the office!

LEMD is a good place with TBM to do T and G’s

I only read the title, so sorry if it’s just a random suggestion lol

I go to kai tak in an e170 and go full power and make really sharp turns to burn airspeed. I can get a 1 touch and go every 35 seconds

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for me the best way is to spawn at WSSS in an XCub. once i leave the ground, i count to 30 before touching down again. once i reach the end of the runway i turn back and repeat. i managed to get 50 landings in 35 minutes.

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KDEN works good. Take off on one of the 34s. Then touch and go on 08 then on one of the 17s then 25 then the 34s. It works as a constant circle.