Tutorial for Approaches to LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Hello everyone,

Here today to give a tutorial about flying into LGA the correct/realistic way, not flying in a straight line across Long Island to get to Runway 31 for example.

Runway 04:

Runway 04 is my favorite LGA approach. If you are coming from the South, flying in is very easy, as long as you are good at keeping your yoke steady ;). All you have to do is fly straight in.

If you are coming from the North, you have to pay attention a bit. If you look at an aerial map of the New York City borough of Manhattan (The island in the middle with the Empire State Building in it), you will see it has rivers on both sides. The river to the west is called the Hudson river. You want to roughly parallel the Hudson River (You don’t have to go over it, just parallel it somehow). After you pass the southern tip of Manhattan, you will have to make a 180 degree turn. Then you should be aligned for Runway 04.Here is what you can dial into your flight plan going from North to South:


Please note that you should make your turns more fluid and roughly follow the turn (TREEGO-CIMBL-HEROS-GLDMN-JEDNO) for the comfort of your passengers ;).

If you want to pretend that there is already a long line coming from the South to Runway 04, then you can make the turn further South. If coming from the West, then go from BENCE-HEROS-GLDMN-JEDNO-WARIN and fly in.

Runway 22:

Runway 22, since it is other end of Runway 04, is similar to the pattern for 04, but with opposite directions. If coming from the North or West, make you can fly straight in, but if coming from the West, make sure you are making the approx. 90 degree turn though.

If coming from the South, you can make two approaches, over the Hudson River, or over the Long Island Expressway then over the Long Island Sound.

If coming over the Hudson, you can take this route:

CHUGG-JORBA-ANTHA-WUDGO-ZOVTI-FROGI-ZOMAS-CEPOG. Please keep in mind to make the 180 degree turn nice and smooth.

If coming going over the Sound, If I recall correctly, this is the path you should follow:


(I believe that you could also fly -WARIN-KIWIE-PZV27-)

This route is more loopy than the other so I personally don’t prefer it. Be carful to not fly into the JFK arrivals at 22L (Will be highlighted in a future tutorial).

Runway 31:

This approach from the South is similar to Runway 22s via the LIE and the Sound:

This is also a very fun approach. In order to prevent the aircraft from colliding with JFK’s Runway 22L arrivals, the planes have to do a very sharp turn just short of the runway. Gets good views of the Mets games at Citi Field ;).

Here’s the path:


(I believe you can also fly -WARIN-PZV27-PZV07)

I am not aware of arrivals from the North, West, and East but I can assume that they’d follow the Hudson path.

Runway 13:

As for this final runway, I have not seen many arrivals to this runway so I cannot comment on arrivals. I would assume that you would go up the Hudson River then make the turn at CHUGG and fly into the airport from there.

Hope this helped and enjoy!


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To @Rotate: New York is a good region to fly in ;).

To All: I will make a similar version of this for JFK later tonight or tomorrow.


cough what about chicago cough

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I don’t know anything about Chicago. I could make one but I would have to spend a long time monitoring FR24 to make one.

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I’m bumping this topic for good reason. I think this is a very good tutorial for Approaches to KLGA.


Here’s another approach they occasionally do on windy days like today.


Although quite rare, the ILS 31 is being used more and more often at KLGA.

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Very helpful. Thanks for the suggestion. I am mostly capable on windy landings but I’m not exactly sure if I am good for hard landings geographically. Like I mean location etc.

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Good idea to screenshot an example, would be helpful for me. Love fl24

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Your right it’s a bit strange, the planes don’t follow Expressway Visual as much anymore.

Can’t wait to fly into LGA - thank you

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Sorry for bumping this topic; doing it because I have seen some people fly improper approaches that conflict with JFK arrivals.

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In preparation for tomorrow’s FNF I have bumped this topic; please read the tutorials (scroll up for them) as LGA has so much to offer (EWR too) and it will make it easier for everyone if you follow the approaches listed here.

Here are some friendly reminders:

  1. DO NOT FLY ANYTHING LARGER THAN A DC10/B763 INTO LGA! Expect to get a warning or ghost.

  2. Remember that there is a 1500 mile restriction on flights out of LGA (excluding Denver)!

  3. No international flights are operated out of LGA excluding ones to Toronto and Montreal.

  4. Expect delays and a gate hold! LGA is a very busy airport and it wouldn’t be like it was in real life if there were no delays.

  5. Runway 13 is almost never used for arrivals so don’t count on it.

  6. You may want to switch to daytime if you are doing a visual approach to see ground markers easier.

  7. DO NOT FLY A STRAIGHT-IN APPROACH TO RUNWAY 31! NYC-area aviation enthusiasts and everyone at JFK will thank you.

Anyways, remember to have fun and always listen to IFATC! Happy flying!


bumping this topic

I second that statement @757fan, thank you!


Don’t forget the seasonal services to KJAC and KBZN :)

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If you want to fly the “REAL” approach used most of the time to RWY31-That would be the Expressway Visual to 31. Want to know how? Check it out here: