Turtlecult's ATC Tracking Thread @KDAL (CLOSED)

I would like to practice my ATC skills so please give me any feedback that you have.
Duration: 45 Minutes (2200Z-2245Z)
Frequencies Tower and Ground


Gimme three minutes and I’ll be right there ;)

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Sounds great. Thanks.

Coming in!

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Hi there,

I see this is just the start of your controlling in IF. I just flew briefly in the fighter.

Please make a point a viewing and understanding the IFATC tutorials on YouTube.In particular check tutorials on:

  • Ground Control
  • Tower Arrivals
  • Tower Departures
  • the art of sequencing
  • the perfect ATC test

You will see a number of things applied in these IFATC tutorial videos on YouTube. From this I have derived a list of Golden Rules you can start off with when controlling on Training Server.

  1. Watch aircrafts on your platform. Good Ground control is important. Use hold position and give way instructions. Give way instructions are sometimes given before a taxi instruction.
  2. Understand the concept of the Pattern. Know your departure, crosswind, downwind, base and final legs.
  3. every new inbound always first gets a pattern entry instruction, to inform the pilot how he should approach
  4. Every runway change always first gets a pattern entry instruction
  5. sequencing is your friend ”. Very important. It is used to tell pilots who to follow.Re-sequence if this helps to provide clarity. Extend downwind, I’ll call your base, and speed instructions are not meant for sequencing. Use sequence instructions, as many and as often as is needed.
  6. Use I’ll call your base, to delay the base turn of an inbound aircraft. Apply this to create space to allow outbound aircrafts to depart, or to avoid clashes with other aircrafts.
  7. aircrafts remaining in the pattern get a touch and go with an exit turn direction. This is needed only once. After this, the pilot will assume the same exit direction (number 1, cleared for the option, after the option make left traffic).
  8. Timely clearance for landing or for the option
  9. landed aircrafts all get a runway exit instruction . Know your exit procedures
  10. an inbound aircraft only gets one (1) landing/option clearance.

I requested a transition, meaning I want to fly through Tower’s airspace. You assigned me 11,000 feet for my transition altitude, which is many miles above Tower’s airspace.

Have a look at the tutorial on Transitions.

Send me a direct message if you have questions.


Thank you. I will take a look at the tutorials. Sorry about that transition.

Don’t apologise for mistakes. You are learning :-)

BUT…do go and watch those videos. Multiple times. They’re really good.


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