Turtlecult's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED @ KDFW]

I am currently Grade 2 working on getting to Grade 3. I would like to be able to join IFATC when I reach Grade 3. I need tips and tricks though so I am opening this thread for you guys to help me out.

Location: KDFW
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: 1700Z - 1730Z
Server: Training
Status: OPEN



If you are not open please remember to say you are closed on title. I was gonna pop by but you were not there.


@JackH yes sorry, my bad. My laptop ran out of charge and I just got it turned on again.

No problem

just so you know. instead of having {OPEN@KDFW}{CLOSED} do CLOSED/OPEN@KDFW} and use whichever status you are,colosed or open. just makes it look a little better.

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