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Hello! I recently made it back to grade 3 (only took me 9 months), and I’m trying to make my aircraft maneuvers look more professional as I’ll be regurgitate Flying on expert.

Typically, when I’m in the pattern and making my turns, they are way too wide. Is this an issue with speed? If so, what speed should I be using for this? If not, what can I do to perfect this?


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Well i usually do my patterns in a C172 at 75kts. There is a topic on the perfect pattern

Can’t seem to find it… could you provide a link? 🤔


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Deer made a nice thread for the C208

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Both of the threads that are linked are great and should help you. Have a great day!

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Thank you @Levet and @Plane-Train-TV


Anytime! We are here to help! Have a great day!

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The turn in the hold is a Rate 1 turn so bank to the first marker on the turn and slip indicator.

If you don’t have one then use the following ‘rule of thumb’ to determine your required AOB:

AOB = Approx 15 percent of the true airspeed. A simple way to determine this amount is to divide the airspeed by 10 and add one-half the result. I.e. 100kts will give you 15 degrees.

For big jets the ‘normal’ holding speed at and below FL140 is 220kts, above that it is 250kts.

Edited to add: A rate 1 turn is a constant level turn that will turn the aircraft through 180 degrees in 60 seconds. Given the standard hold uses 1 minute legs a complete hold should take you exactly 4 minutes when flown accurately. :D


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