Turning on the ground

hi everyone, I am just curious about how to perfectly turn the plane in the taxiway, I am recently getting better at turning not like before where I just somehow miss the line and went to the grass or somehow too slow, some tips would be a good thing to help me at this point, I hope you understand this

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My best advice would be turning off anti-coordination and using your rudder. When in a turn, keeping it around 10kts or lower will allow you to keep total control of your aircraft and increase and decrease the rate of the turn as needed.

The nice thing is the rudder doesn’t just jam one way, so slowing going into a turn and slowly turning out of it is super easy.

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In addition to the useful info given by @AviationReports, using an external camera might also help you align the aircraft better with the taxiway lines. Alternately, you can used the HUD (heads up display). Keep the altitude indicator [(a little v in the middle of a line) above the flight path vector (a little green circle)] aligned with the taxiway line using rudder control. As suggested, it really helps to keep the speed under 10 knots to stay in control of the turn.

Sometimes, trying to communicate with ATC or trying to switch lights on or off while turning might cause you to stray from the taxiway line.

With a little bit of practice & watching replays, you should do fine.

Hope this helps.

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I will also suggest that if you wish to learn how to judge turns from the cockpit, you can first use the external views to get perfect turns (main trucks straddling the centerline) and then replay in cockpit view. Then just take note of where the taxilines were when you began your turn, and where to keep them with reference to objects in the cockpit. Have fun :)

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