Turning off device during flight

Hello, recently after updating to Global, I have started a flight from KDFW to Miami and would like to know if I could turn off my device while the app is still open. Just to save battery. I don’t want to try now so far into the flight! Thanks in advance.

You cannot on live. There is, however, a low power option to conserve battery ;)

Hi there, we highly recommend that you keep the app open while flying and minimize the amount of background apps running as well.

Oh. Well at least I didn’t try. Thanks.

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Thanks for the help @BluePanda900

Here are also some other first-hand tips if you really want to conserve battery life:

  • Turn the brightness all the way down and turn the time of day to night.
  • Turn off the HUD and minimap (time out for these can be found in the general settings).
  • Turn on Low Power Mode (in the general settings).

Hope these help. :)