Turnaround Time For Commercial aircraft.

Hello to all I would like to know, how long airlines take to charge their devices before take off thank you.

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What do you mean charge there devices?

How long does it take to prepare a plane on the ground before takeoff?

Sometimes it can be 30-45mins, but large planes will sometimes stick around for hours, it’s very dependent…

It depends on a lot of things. There’s no set time for any aircraft on the ground I don’t think since it varies so much based on airport, aircraft, airline, amount of passengers, when the flight is supposed to depart, weather at the airport, weather at the departure airport, condition of the plane, etc, etc, etc.

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Ok for example, how I use jumbo jacks, I often wait more than 1:10 depending on the distance that must go.
In your opinion it’s ok?

Ultra low cost carriers like Ryanair sometimes have layovers scheduled with less than 30min. Usually planes aren’t longer than 2hrs on the ground. They’re most efficient in the air. :)

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It’s not really relative to the distance. A 747 could be flying from here to Chicago, or here to Shanghai, and it wouldn’t take 15x as long to load the Shanghai one. Most of the fuel p, and catering which are the main things that would change are done while the airplane is being cleaned, and boarded, which are more or less constant. So really depends more on the aircraft, not the flight…

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I had the same Problem you must become a better or faster network conection.

Each aircraft usually has a minimum turnaround time, if you search on Google you should find that out for whatever aircraft. It also depends on the route and airline, Low cost carriers have tighter turn around but flag carriers tend to not rush and ensure the aircraft is properly cleaned and prepared.

What is the relationship with the subject?

because when you device load everytime the scenery when you have slow network when you have farst internet your device load only once in 10 minutes.

I think you have not read the subject well.

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ouh upps! I understood that the loading of the game at long aircrafts long loads.

Ryanair has turnaround times of 25 minutes, maybe even 20 minutes. I found an interesting timelapse of Ryanair turnaround in Bratislava - Ryanair turnaround - Bratislava - YouTube.

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I have had a turnaround time of 20 minutes.

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