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When the ATC tell me make a right turn and when I finish do it, I need to send another message for the ATC or I wait for the ATC give me instructions.


No, you have to constantly follow that circular path (hold) on your map until ATC tells you to do something else.


Keep doing it. ATC will give you another command when they want you to stop.


And You don’t have to send more messages to ATC. When they handoff to another frequency, just one message will suffice and the rest will unfold, especially with approach.


In my personal experience when I’m on Socal Approach coming into LAX I found that sometimes they issue an order and they are really busy they sometimes forget the issue an order what are you do then?

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That sounds like a Training Server issue. ATC in that server are still learning and done are more experienced and knowledge than others, can be a bit of a pot luck. Tbh I avoid LAX and LHR on TS as often people decide that for their first ever ATC experience they will use one of the biggest and busiest airports and get overwhelmed!


Is there some kind of command you can give to let them know hey I’m still here

No not really however my advice to you is that if you are still wanting for a response after 10 minutes is to repeat the message again. Just don’t spam. If no response after that then try reaching the controller on the IFC or consider a diversion away from the active airport.

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Thank you!

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As an approach god. Lol. Yes hold in it. Especially in a busy airport. We wanna get you in fast but also safely.

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