Turn Radius Advice

I’ve been lucky enough to make perfect turns to final a bunch of times. I say lucky because I’m not sure at which point I should start my turn so that I’m lined up perfectly when using auto pilot. I realize there are likely many factors that go into this (speed, aircraft type, etc). Since I’m not a real world pilot (yet) I’m wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can make that turn calculation more accurately.


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You are right, there are many factors effect your accuracy to intercept final. In real life, pilots can let FMS to fly the early turn. Or some pilots use RMI to check related positions for turning prediction.
When ATCs vector plane to final, they will generally use a 30degrees intercept angle and if the turning area is tight, ATC will reduce plane’s speed in advance in order to reduce turning radius.
In IF, (without extension device), the moving map is a best tool. And when plan your route, you can make a 30 degrees intercept route before final, and make your final longer for space to fine tune.


Great stuff. Thanks, @Ming_Lee!

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Also don’t try to turn on the loc with 250 knots indicated. Realistic will be for example 180 knots until 10 miles and/or 160 knots until 6 miles.