Turn on vectors ?

Hello, I have a question about the game, (Infinite Flight) what does it mean? : “please light the vectors”. (Question requested by the control tower)
If you know what to do when asked, answer me.
Thank you everyone !

In my whole infinite flight life I have never heard that phrase. Also,you can’t light up vectors so you must of misheard it ;)


Yeah I agree. That’s odd because I’m an IFATC member and I haven’t heard that one

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I’ve never heard of or used that command before. Maybe you misheard “expect vectors.” As an approach controller that’s the only thing I can think of.

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Should be ‘expect vectors …’, meaning the approach controller will guide you to a runway @Matt_D1, and you have to do exactly as they say.


thank you, I probably make a mistake

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No worries. If you’d like to know more on using vectors, I’d suggest looking over #tutorials, or if you have any further questions you can simply PM me (:

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It’s ok. We’re here to help our fellow community members. Feel free to PM me as well. ;)

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