Turn off parking brake

Is there a way to turn the parking break off so it doesn’t come on automatically when landing with APPR ?

I don’t think there is a way apart from when it turns on, you turn it off again
If not you can try landing manually

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Unfortunately not. You’ll have to make it part of your “touchdown checklist,” and turn it off manually, by yourself.

There’s a feature request for an autobrake system here, if you’re interested in dropping a vote, btw.

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Unfortunately - There isn’t a feature as of yet that helps with that issue.

Personally, I’d give visual landings a go - Once you get used to them they’re no trouble at all!

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sorry I don’t think there is a way ):

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What? It’s never turned on while I’m flying 😂

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User is using APPR, which automatically turns parking brake on upon touchdown

Oh he’s using it right until touch down 😂

Does no one do it manual anymore?

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