turn Crosswind

Hey there,
I was in a situation today where it would have been good to have the command ´´turn crosswind´´
. What are your thoughts? Do you think this is werth adding into the game? Let me know what you think!

There is no need of that pattern, beacause ATC tells you to
make (right/left) traffic so you just do what they say or just depart to (North/South/East/West/Straight Out). In patterns, you turn when you “want”, either, you have to follow instructions, such as (Sequencing or other). Have a good day my friend, let me know if I haven’t explain myself.

Looks intresting…
But what does it means?

Yes but I mean in IF there is no need.

Haven’t heard of it!¿ Did I missed any class explaining tower gives you turn crosswind 🤔

Could you please explain me if there’s a turn crosswind command in real life and it’s uses please

Under what circumstance did you feel like you needed the command?

To turn on a crosswind means turning into the crosswind leg of the pattern. It’s the inverse direction of the base leg, you are flying away from the runway on a 90 degree angle.

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It could probably be used in situations similar to “Extend Upwind”, but instead of keeping them in Upwind, he would want them to get out of Upwind early.

Hah? Well , jus for your knowledge no turn crosswind command is given by tower neither in real life nor we will need it in IF. Tower often commands as N2256G, Runway 2 cleared for takeoff, Maintain runway heading or via their SID they’ll instruct to depart in corresponding direction.

Depending on traffic yes they can,but it’s not the proceedure in real life.

The only command tower gives is to turn base, report airport in sight. No crosswind turn they give. And we don’t need this in IF. We should remain away from unreal Proceedures.

🤔 well that reply was really not useful at all appreciate you


So Aircraft B is a A320 wich has lifted of and Aircraft A is a small C172 and I want the a320 infront of the cessna so that the A320 doesn´t hold it up .

Excuse me?

Just space them, and then tell one of them: (I’ll call your base)

You can clear the a320 to land number 1, and he will know to pass the other plane.

Thanks for clearing me up, I have heared it quite a bit in videos of patterns so I was misslead into thinking it were a real command.

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You might have heard them. Quite a often,tower give vectors in real life. They can give headings after departure, they’ll vector the aircraft around to avoid conflict. But turn crosswind ain’t a command.

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You can use extend upwind, you can let them fly the downwind and if you are not happy give a base call to someone. You can also sequence the aircraft ahead as #2 behind traffic on downwind. There are many ways to skin the cat without the need of the turn crosswind command :).

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I feel this would be useful in combination with an I’ll call you crosswind, the way we have I’ll call your base. Could help sorting out separation issues on DW for example with a GA. I know pilots are supposed to keep separation, but as we both know that just sometimes doesn’t work.

This is a pattern, thus a VFR flight, thus separation = pilots responsibility - we have to really stop shifting responsibilities from the pilot to the controller. If one wants to fly a pattern, one needs to know how to properly fly one, including maintaining separation.

We use this in the Navy. Pilots aren’t allowed to turn crosswind until tower tells them to. It’s towers pattern they can tell you to do anything in real life.