Turn Calculating

Sorry if this is a duplicate, I couldn’t find any others like this.

Is there a way to calculate when you should turn using autopilot, using information like speed, angle of the turn itself, and bank angle, which I believe for autopilot is around ten degrees?


It kind of lets you know when it tells your your new heading but other than that no

It only warns you when you are a minute away. Often when I turn right when it says it, I either turn way early, of miss it completely.


Depends on your speed. The slower you are the more effienct the turn is and the faster you are travleing it take longer. Remeber dont do something to the autopilot that you wouldn’t, example turning a sharp 90 degree turn traveling at 300 knts

In the bottom of the flight , there is a tab with air speeds , ground speeds ect …

Hold down one of them and scroll left and right until you find something called Bearing ( which tells you when to change your autopilot direction ( HDG ) .

This should help you with the turns ( don’t go too fast before a turn )


@CaptainDawud @Misrael102 @Ksisky I heard that a basic FMC was made and is in testing (in not 100% on this)


I eyeball the turns, sometimes you get them right and sometimes don’t.


I usually start my turn about 20 seconds before I reach the waypoint. This of course depends on how tight of a turn it is.


I do the same

@CaptainDawud @Ksisky @Chad_Garnett @Sturmovik @Misrael102

I found the topic I was taking about

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Definitely something interesting to follow.

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Yes indeed it is

I’ve beeen looking at that one too, but since it was in the developer section, I didn’t feel it was proper to comment there.

But… since it’s here, I can comment and honestly, I can’t wait for it!

And no, it’s not cheating!

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Grab your favorite aircraft, goto your favorite region, takeoff, goto height say 300FL, set speed and practice doing 180° turns …

At most it’ll take 4 minutes to do a 180, 2 for 90, 1 for 45. That’s maximum time, slower speeds will produce faster turns.

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Once i made myself the same question so i started to try with several speeds and times and distance. The conclusion was

My typical approach speed is 200knts, so for a 90deg turn in autopilot i need to make it 1.9miles before the turning point. For greater speed, do it before, for less angle do it closer to the turning point.

Hope this works for you too.

I usually avoid sharp turns, e.g. 90% when doing my flight plan, and take turns with about 30-40 seconds to the WPT, depending on the speed.

Dawud is correct. Use Bearing to Next to guide you to your next waypoint. No guessing, no estimating, precision guidance every time.


Yeah i have been lokking into that. Seems intereesting and something to look forward too

I jus turn when the 1 min sign comes up

As A rule of thumb it takes 1 sec of time to turn 2 deg. So when the warning comes up to tell me when change heading, I work out the difference between the current heading and the new heading ( Say 245 to 205 is 50 deg ) decide that by 2 ( 50/2=25 seconds) and then start turning when I am that time from the waypoint. Yo need to have Time to next Waypoint set up on your menu bar!

Happy contrails

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