Turks & Caicos (PLS) Fly out

Is there any way I can do this or is it full?

Irl British airways does not fly to London gatwick from Turks but its does do Turks to Nassau

Good morning could I possibly change my aircraft to A320 same route and airline

Are you sure

Irl they use the A321 if you don’t believe me go on to flight radar and search PLS-JFK

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I am sure I spotted the A321 JetBlue when I was there last summer

They use both so either is realistic you will find out what I use on they say if event

Can you just use the 321 bc someone is already departing with the a320 to Boston

I will put you on a standby list if someone say they can’t do that flight

Event Bump!!!

I’ll take this

Roger that.

Event Bump Still have ATC options

Event bump still have atc options available!!!

Event bump!!!

Event bumper

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