Turkmenistan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER

Not long ago, the main national carrier of Turkmenistan received its first Boeing 777-300er EZ-A781, before that they only had 777-200LR, this livery will look great on the 777-300er

Photo credit:https://turkmenistanairlines.tm/ru/news/show/novy-boenig-777-300ER
Wiki:Turkmenistan Airlines - Wikipedia

This looks amazing, i wonder what routes it will serve


Gosh what an amazing livery!

Unfortunatley, i am out of Votes!

Hope this livery gets added to the future of infinite flight!

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This is a very nice livery ! Would love to see it being added the sim ! Unfortunately, I am out of votes but you have my full support !

Cheers, @IFlyer
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I have to agree, very nice livery

No VA, Literally nobody asked lol


Lovely! I love green. Such a nice color

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I really want infinite flight to have more liveries of Central Asian airlines